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Dominic Spooner, the Founder of Spooner Capital Advisors, is a seasoned investment banking veteran. His journey, extending over three and a half decades, has left a significant mark in the sector. Residing in West Vancouver, BC, he has contributed his expertise to notable firms such as Canaccord, MacQuarrie, and Industrial Alliance. Even after retiring in 2019, he continues to influence the industry with his valuable advice on M&A transactions, equity capital raises, and debt transactions.

From an early stage in his career, he exhibited a deep passion for numbers and transactions. This made him a top Retail Investment Advisor at Canaccord in 2009, demonstrating his unwavering motivation to learn and excel. Before retiring, he advanced to serve as the Vice President of MacQuarrie’s Public Venture Capital Group and eventually became the Managing Director at IA Securities’ Special Situations Group. His ambition and determination were critical to his remarkable career trajectory.

Dominic’s expertise spans a wide range, including M&A, IPO capital raises, and working with family offices and private equity partners. It’s his unyielding honesty that distinguishes him. He guides businesses on when to sell, how to create auctions for the best price, and strategies to make their company stand out. His commitment and integrity are evident, with a track record of assisting clients in raising over $1 billion for various startups and developmental companies. His insight into investments is further highlighted by his association with successful companies like Canacol Energy, Athabasca Oil Sands, and Bull Dog Energy.

Beyond Spooner’s professional accomplishments, Spooner is equally committed to philanthropy. He co-founded the ‘Spark Foundation’ with Abdul Ladha to educate young children about fundraising for charitable causes. Additionally, his contributions to the Canadian Cancer Foundation, the University of British Columbia’s athletic programs, and the North Shore Twins Baseball Club underscore his influence in his personal and professional life.

Dominic Spooner

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