About Me


Dominic Spooner is a seasoned investment banking professional and the Founder of Spooner Capital Advisors. With over three and a half decades of industry experience, he has left an indelible mark in investment banking. Presently residing in West Vancouver, BC, he has efficiently maneuvered his career across renowned firms, with his contributions being valued at companies like Canaccord, MacQuarrie, and Industrial Alliance. While officially retiring in 2019, he continues breathing life into investment banking through effective advisories on M&A transactions, Equity Capital Raises, and Debt transactions.

Early Life, Career, and Motivation

Early in his career, he showed signs of a keen, motivated individual, displaying a deep-seated love for numbers and transactions. This passion led him to become a top-performing Retail Investment Advisor at Canaccord in 2009. His motivation to constantly learn and grow in his field propelled him to accomplish much more. He also served as the Vice President of the Public Venture Capital Group at MacQuarrie. His drive was instrumental in his remarkable ascendance to the position of Managing Director at IA Securities’ Special Situations Group before his retirement.

Areas of Expertise and Integrity

Dominic’s expertise is vast and impressive, from M&A, IPO, and capital raises to dealing with family offices and finding private equity partners. It is his unwavering honesty that sets him apart. With his guidance, businesses learn the best time to sell, create auctions for the best price, and make their company the most attractive in their space. His commendable track record in assisting clients in raising capital, which exceeds $1 billion for different start-up and developmental companies, displays his strong sense of responsibility and dedication. Several successful companies, including Canacol Energy, Athabasca Oil Sands, C21, Decisive Dividend Corp, Must Grow, Renegade Petroleum, New Stratus Energy, Volt Lithium, and Bull Dog Energy, are testament to his investment acumen.

Leadership and Philanthropic Endeavors

Dominic Spooner is not just a leader in his professional life; he also contributes significantly towards molding future leaders. In his philanthropic endeavor, the ‘Spark Foundation,’ founded by him and Abdul Ladha, serves as a platform for young children to learn about raising money for noble causes. He also regularly contributes to the Canadian Cancer Foundation, the University of British Columbia’s athletic programs, and the North Shore Twins baseball Club, marking his influence in personal and professional spheres.

Personal Life

Dominic recently celebrated the milestone of his 61st birthday. He has been happily married for 28 years and cherishes his peaceful home life in Vancouver, BC. Respite from his eventful professional life comes in the form of golf, a hobby that he began with friends and continues to enjoy. He is a Capilano Golf and Country Club member and Bowen Island Golf and Country Club. The game’s exercise, tranquility, and social aspects give him a perfect work-life balance.

An Industry Veteran

After a rewarding journey of 35 years in the investment industry, Dominic Spooner exemplifies the virtues of drive, integrity, and leadership. His in-depth understanding and experience of the investment landscape and his strong belief in giving back to society make Dominic an inspiration for many in the industry. His contributions to investment banking and his dedication to philanthropic causes demonstrate that success can be multi-dimensional.

Dominic Spooner